Megan Fox Tattoos

Megan Fox has many tattoos, showing she has lots of creativeness. Each of Megan Fox's tattoos is very personal to her, she has personal images and quotes on her skin. Below are Megan's tattoos and descriptions of the tattoos Megan has.

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Megan Fox Arm Tattoos

Megan Fox has a Marilyn Monroe portrait on her inner forearm

Megan Fox tattoo - Monroe

Megan Fox Wrist Tattoo

Megan Fox's wrist tattoo is a tribal pattern which some people are calling a similar design to yin and yang. Maybe her twist on a ying and yang tattoo.

Wrist tattoo

Megan Fox Ankle Tattoo

Megans ankle tattoo has a moon overlapping a star fish or star. This looks like a earlier tattoo and is one of Megans only color tattoos.

Ankle Tattoo

Megan Fox Rib Tattoos

Megan Fox rib tattoo is a personal quote from Megan that reads:

once was
a little
girl who
never knew
love until
a boy
broke her

Megan Fox rib tattoo

This one is harder to make out, but is thought to be from German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. Its thought the tattoo reads: "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

Rib tattoo

Megan Fox Neck Tattoo

Megan has a chinese symbol of strength tattoo on her back neck in calligraphy.

Megan Fox Tattoos -  neck

Megan Fox Shoulder Tattoo

Megan Fox has an old english tattoo quote on her back shoulder that is not a exact quote from Shakespear's play King Lear from Act V, Scene III.

Shoulder tattoo

Megan Fox Lower Tattoo

Brian is tattoo named after her husband and actor Brian Austin Green (terminator).

Megan Fox Brian tattoo


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