Justin Bieber Tattoos

Justin Bieber has complety fallen for tattoos . Justin bieber's growing love of tattoos started after his first bird tattoo at the age of sixteen. Justin Bieber has a small neck tattoo, one full sleeve on his left arm, tattoo sleeve on his right arm, leg, back, wrist, abdomen and chest tattoos. Justin Bieber has a selena inspired portrait angled tattoo on his wrist.

Justin Bieber Arm Tattoos

You can see how much Justin Bieber has liked the look of his tattoos as his single arm tattoos linked up to create full arm tattoo sleeves. Justin has the words "Believe" on his upper left forearm. On his right upper forearm Justin has the words  "Trust" and below the word "Love" in old english. Justin also has the letter "X" which is a reference to christ. Some of Justin's arm tattoos feature an owl holding a key, an eye symbolizing his mom watching over him, tiger, castle, clouds, a koi fish, water, a rose, a diamond, cherub angel, kaws graffiti art, a knight holding a sword, eagle, stars, wings, jester, compass, 8-ball, a Korean mask, an old-school boom box and music notes, a Mario Brothers ghost, sharp note symbol, a Korean phrase meaning “Bieber,” and broken heart.

Some of Justins more talked about tattoos too, a crusified blood dripping earth on a cross and a portrait of what looks like selena gomez as an angel. Justin has featured Banksy the artist with his art "ballon girl" tattoo. 

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Justin Bieber Chest and Abdomin Tattoos

Justin Beiber has matching tattoos with his dad which reads in hebrew "Yeshua" which in english is Jesus. Just below Justin's abdomin is the word  "Forgive". On the oppisite side is Justin's first tattoo, a bird which symbolizes, Justin taking flight. Justins chest has a crown, his mom's birthday  "I IX VII V". in roman numerals and a cross in the middle of his chest


Justin Bieber back Tattoos

Justin Bieber has two back tattoos. The indian tattoo is a tattoo of the logo of a candian junior hockey team. Justin biebers other back tattoo is a script reading "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Pslam 119:105"


Justin Bieber Neck Tattoos

Justin Bieber's script tattoo reads "Patience" just below his ear and behind his other ear is a music note.


Justin Bieber Leg Tattoos

Bieber has two leg tattoos on his left leg. Praying hands with roses beneth them and jesus above on his calf muscle.

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Above are pictures of Justin Bieber tattoos. Justin biebers tattoos are likely going to increase as Justin already has tattoos on his main focal body parts.


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