Chris Brown Tattoos

Chris Brown has full new sleeve tattoos. Chris Brown's tattoos have grown from one tattoo to having two full sleeves and a chest piece tattoo. Rihanna and Chris Brown both have similar star tattoos on the back of their necks, and matching traditional Maori tattoos on their top hands.

Chris Brown Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Chris Brown's first love of tattoos was seen with his early tattoos on his arms. Chris Brown tattoos feature quotes such as "love not war" which overlap previous tattoos, on his forearm "zap!" in a comic bubble and "mars attacks" over planet mars. Under his biceps "fame" from his album f.a.m.e and right above his fame tattoo a military tattoo star and "U.S". Over his upper arm the letter "c", just under it "2^2 " representing virginia. Also the quote on his opposite arm "darkness to light". On his elbow inside a tnt the word "tnt" and above his wrist a dollar sign "$". Chris Brown has many tattoos including teddy bears, billionaire boys club spaceships, kaws hands and stars, a spray can tattoo, jesus tattoo with music notes around him, machine gun kid, two ninjas and on the opposite arm a samurai, a couple clowns, his ex girl friend Karrueche Tran, camouflage and tiger print, superman, nintendo controller, stars and arrows, planet mars, japanese river, cupid and a kid angel and a hand holding the letter c.

chris-brown-tattoos-armchris-brown-tattoos-armchris-brown-tattoos-sleevechris-browntattoosfamechris-brown-tattoos-forearmsChris Brown Tattoos

Chris Brown Chest Tattoos

Chris Brown has tattoos over his chest joining his two sleeves together. Chris Brown tattoos feature the quote "symbolic love" which spans across his chest over his heart. This symbolizes his love for music and is also the name of his non-profit charity for kids. Chris Brown has two red roses, two wings and star tattoos each side of his chest and in the middle a diamond tattoo. Chris brown also has a jet plane tattoo over his abdomen.

Chris Brown Tattooschris-brown-tattoosChris Brown Tattoos chest

Chris Brown Back Tattoos

Chris Brown has a large smiley face/skull face tattoo on his back. Above this are two feathers pining his skin. Chris also has rattle snake with a red triangle in place of the rattle on the right side of his back. Chris twitted the meaning behind his symbolic snake as "The impossible triangle: year of the snake".

Chris Brown Tattoos smiley faceChris Brown Tattoos snake

Chris Brown Neck Tattoos

Chris Brown has had alot of attention for his recent neck tattoos. Chris Brown has a mac skull lady art work on the side of his neck and just above it three stars. In the middle of Chris Brown's neck is a lion tattoo which chris tweeted its a “Symbol of Christ and Freedom!” and opposite side of his neck is a another lion tattoo

Chris Brown Tattoos lionChris Brown Tattoos faceChris Brown Tattoos lionChris Brown Tattoos mistaken rihanna

Chris Brown Hand Tattoos

Chris Brown has a traditional maori tribal tattoo on top on his hand in between his thumb and index finger. It represents strength and love and Rihanna also has a matching maori tribal tattoo. Chris also has a skull with a halo above it and a japanese rising sun design.

Chris Brown Tattoos maori tribalChris Brown Tattoos handsChris Brown Tattoos hand skull

Chris Brown Foot and Leg Tattoos

Chris Brown has the letter "x" crossed bones. The x tattoo represents his new upcoming album. Chris Brown's leg tattoo on the right side is a traditional japanese koi fish swimming upstream.

Chris Brown Tattoos x ankleChris Brown Tattoos leg koi

Above are pictures of chris browns tattoos, Chris brown has tattoos on his arms, hands, back, chest, neck, leg, foot and behind the ear.

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