Amber Rose Tattoos

Amber Rose currently has 6 tattoos, 5 smaller tattoos and a larger rose tattoo. Amber Rose's tattoos are carefully placed and all have special meaning to her. Amber Rose has had a cover up tattoo of her old boyfriend "Ernest", which is now covered up with a rose tattoo. Amber also has pawprints on her upper thigh, a quote tattoo "Frenzy" on her lower abdomen, a script quote on her wrist, a fairy tattoo on her ankle and Amber Rose's current boyfriend Wiz Khalifa's name "Cam" on her thumb. Amber Rose a Wiz Khalifa both have matching "Cam" and "Amb" tattoos on their thumbs.

Amber Rose TattoosAmber Rose Tattoos  Rose Close Uptat1Amber Rose Tattoos Fairy

Above are pictures of Amber Rose's tattoos. Amber Rose has tattoos on her arm, thigh, thumb ankle and abdomen.

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