Eyelid Tattoos

Eyelid tattoos are a hard tattoo to come by as not many people are getting them. People are fearful of an eyelid tattoo as there are many rumors surrounding the procedures of getting eyelid tattoos. But getting an eyelid tattoo is not to much different than getting tattoos in different areas of the body.

Make sure your tattoo artist is experienced before getting a tattoo on your eyelids. A tattoo artist will also use less potent inks, which will mean a limited color palette. The most common eyelid tattoos are the permanent makeup tattoos, fake eyeball tattoos and lettering across the eyelids.

Eyelid Tattoos
Symbol tattoo on the eyelid

Lil wayne Eyelid Tattoos
Lettering eyelid tattoos

Fake Eyelid Tattoos
Fake eyeball tattoos

wrist tattoos swallows
Single eyelid tattoos

Eye Tattoos

Eye tattoos are a much different tattoo as the medium is soft and can easily be pierced. Eye tattoos invole a needle with ink.

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